Head Start Public Speaking For Kids Vancouver

Head Start Public Speaking For Kids Sechelt Presentation Night

When I was 16, a teacher challenged me to enter a public speaking contest & it changed the course of my life!


Because preparing for that contest meant thinking about what was important to me for the first time ever.

Deciding on HOW  I wanted to deliver my message to the public was fun and challenging.

But getting up on that stage and speaking before those people showed me that I could do hard things, that I could push through my fear and that what I had to say MATTERED.

Those three things are foundational at Head Start Public Speaking For Kids and striving for them is the goal we have for every kid who walks through the door.  At Head Start, we want kids know that THEY can do hard things, push through their fear and that their voices are important.

Head Start will be heading into more locations in fall of 2017 but this week was our 4th Annual Final Presentation Night at Head Start at our 2 locations on the Sunshine Coast and what a JOY it is to watch these kids walk into their confidence!

Head Start Public Speaking For Kids Vancouver

Feelin’ pretty fine! The effort pays off!

Our Sechelt MCs were 1st year student Rathlin Fell and 2nd year student Nigel Wright.  These two were smooth as peanut butter that night and a lot of fun!

Here is Festival of the Performing Arts 2017 Junior Speaking Champion Meaghan Howley:

Here is second year student and MC Nigel Wright:

Our youngest speaker Hazel Gatzke:

Festival of the Performing Arts speaker Coen Loverock:

Young writer extraordinaire Daphne Kubicek:

Second year student and crusher of fear Brook Harapnuk:

And my favourite quirky girl Sara Driss!


Head Start Public Speaking For Kids Vancouver

Our MCs Rathlin and Nigel did a fantastic job bridging between speakers and keeping everyone’s spirits up!

It was a joy to work with you all this year!  Next year will be a little different as we will have different classes for different ages AND some shorter courses too.  I hope to see you in the fall!  You’re the BEST!  MWAH!