Head Start Public Speaking for Kids-Week 8- Use your VOICE! Vocal variety!

Use Your Voice!

This week we did our most FUN exercise yet!  Everyone had a great time learning how to use their voice in class in their own unique way!

That’s right!  It’s all about vocal variety!     head start public speaking for kids, my child has a speech to write, confidence for kids,

AttenTION! Stand up nice and straight because a bad posture or bent head blocks your lungs and vocal chords! You need a column or air coming straight up your trachea!

  1. A good speaking voice should be:
  1. Pleasant to listen to (not screechy or nasal)
  2. Natural- give us your true personality!
  3. Vital – showing strength, even when it is QUIET
  4. Expressive! Giving us emotion!
  5. Easily heard- if we can’t hear you, it’s a waste of everyone’s time, including yours!

PACING-If you are speaking too quickly, we might miss what you are saying! When you have an important point to make, SLOW DOWN.

Pitch.  A higher pitch will show excitement whereas a lower pitch can show anger or fear. Avoid staying in the high pitch range for too long as it gets hard to listen to.

SILENCE! Pauses are actually the most POWERFUL parts of speaking. Pauses give us time to REFLECT. Time to consider what is being said. A pause creates TENSION.

EMPHASIS -The way you emphasize words can change the entire meaning of what you are saying. Consider this: Thanks a lot for helping me out. I hope I can do the same for you one day.  Kudos to Iris for beautifully demonstrating this one!

Your voice is your most powerful tool in speaking. You can learn how to use it to your advantage so your audience gets the MOST out of what you are saying!


Look out! This week our MC was KATE!   Before the class she said that she was pretty terrified because it was her first time. By the time the class was over, we couldn’t DRAG her away from the lectern! She had a blast! And she did a really great job too. She had introductions from ALL of her speakers ahead of time which makes a huge difference!

head start public speaking for kids, my child has a speech to write, confidence for kids,

Kate, rockin’ the floor

Poor Lina was sick this week, looks like we’re all taking turns. Get better fast honey!

We had 3 pretty amazing speeches this week- WOW.

First we had Meaghan give her speech about Malala Yousafi. It was pretty amazing. In fact it was called Malala the Amazing.

Then Nima really got his audience involved and rolling on the floor laughing with his speech called “Mexico” (pronounced Mehico).

And finishing off the night with another knee-slapper was Elizabeth who told us about the time she jumped off a dresser in high heels and broke her leg. In a no-brainer, she named her speech “Not a Good Decision”.   Boy oh boy folks, is the quality of speeches improving! I’m going to have to start making things more challenging for you guys!

Annalisa did a fantastic job as our Impromptu leader- always great and thoughtful questions from Annalisa.

There is NO CLASS UNTIL DEC. 10.

At that time here are the roles:

MC- Annalisa!   You are a natural for this role- I can’t wait to see what you do!

Speeches – Lina, Nadia, Kate, SJ

Impromptu Leader- Meaghan

Timer and Quiz Master- Nima

Speech Evaluators – Noah, SJ, Elizabeth, Nadia

Impromptu Evaluator- Noah

General Evaluator- Meaghan

Humorist – Elizabeth


Iris Cameron was our MC this week and she was the consummate professional! Iris also went after her intros right away so she was ready.

We had two great speakers this week. Jonah told us about his awesome dinosaur fossil hunting adventures in Alberta. Oh Jonah, WHAT an improvement in your writing and presenting from your first speech! Better eye contact and much more Jonah in your speech. You also used one of my all time favourite words- tumultuous. I am seriously impressed.

And Jillian was our second speaker- Jill has been with me for 2 years now and she is becoming the real deal. This week her speech was beautiful. On the surface her speech was about her love of Tea but it was as much about her love for her granny and the rituals they share. She even brought a tea set along for ambience. I felt like I was going to burst with pride.

Congrats to Jazzy on the best transition of the year so far: “I barfed on a plane once.”   Lol  That’s what it’s all about people!!!  We’ll miss you in December but look forward to seeing you back in the new year! Good luck with your play!

We missed Ava this week too!  Get well soon Ava!

Mari's in the house!

Mari’s in the house!


Our next MC will be Bella ! I’m really excited for you Bella!

Speeches from Emily, Mari, Ava!

Our Impromptu Leader will be Simon. (I know you were supposed to be Imp. Evaluator- I’m making an executive decision!)

Speech Evaluators will be Jillian, Bridget and Jonah

Nyle will be our General Evaluator- big job Nyle but I KNOW you can do it.

Iris is our Ah counter

Simon is also our timer!

Our humorist is Bridget!

Jonah is also our Quizmaster!


See you on the 10th and 11th!!!

head start public speaking for kids, my child has a speech to write, confidence for kids,

Keepin’ us laughin’!