Head Start Public Speaking For Kids- Week 10- Opening and Closing Your Speech! p.s. no Snorefests!

Off the charts FUN!

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Any one of these would have been fun to pretend to be!

Our M.C. Annalisa went to great lengths this week with her clever theme – “Famous People”.  There is SO much you can do with this and did she ever!  Annalisa made little cards with a wide variety of famous people represented and everyone pulled a card out of a Christmas hat.  It was absolute hilarity as we watched everyone choose their ‘celebrity’!   You have to watch it to believe it!

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVXHgTxueak&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]


I was Queen Elizabeth and I ordered someone’s head to be chopped off- being a figurehead only, no one complied.  Hmph!

Amazing speeches!

Folks, we had three really incredible speeches today.  I was just beaming with pride for these kids!

Nadia gave a speech about how her brother is such an important support for her- Nima was feeling pretty good about that!

Sarah Jane gave a rhythmic, melodic speech about change and what’s really important about Christmas to her.  It actually choked me up.

Kate’s speech was her most personal yet- she talked about the loneliness of not having a friend and the joy of finally finding a “Friend of My Own”.

Girls, you really dug deep for this and I appreciate your personal sharing and exploration.  It is a BIG deal.

We watched one of my favourite speeches; 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking, the late, great LaShunda Rundles with her beautiful work of art:  “Speak”.  I had forgotten how good it was and the kids really responded to her humour.  She also was a great example of how to open and close a speech effectively, which, oddly enough, was our LESSON!   What are the odds????

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Nima always keeps us laughing!

Next week it is PAR-TAY time guys!  Bring a little something to share and we’ll watch the last of our speeches for the year which are….



Noah !  Nima!   Annalisa!

M.C.  Nadia!   With the awesome juicy theme of BC Ferries

timer Noah

Ah counter Kate

quiz Master Meg

Grammarian  and Impromptu leader SJ

General Evaluator and humorist Elizabeth


This week our MC was Bella!    It was her first time ever leading a meeting and wow, Bella has come a LONG WAY in a short time folks.  Bella’s voice is MUCH stronger now and easier to hear.  She is definitely becoming more confident!  YES!!!!   Way to go Bella!

Cut Throat Epic Battle For Word of the Day!

Head start public speaking for kids, public speaking for kids, public speaking for teens, giving kids confidence, Paula Howley

Gibsons’ specialty!


The crazy cut-throat epic battle for word of the day continues in Gibsons with the words REALLY getting used a lot!  It’s so fun to watch!  Today Jillian brought us a word that more than made up for “Viking”.  lol

Head start public speaking for kids, public speaking for kids, public speaking for teens, giving kids confidence, Paula Howley

Giving us a pulchritudinous word!


Do you know what that means?  I didn’t either.  But now I do!  It means “physically beautiful”.

Those kids were throwing that word around like a dirty rag I tell you!   It was awesome!!!  Well done guys!!!  And our Skittles winner this week was MARI!!!!

( We also found out that Skittles are #2 on the list of most unhealthy candy- but hey, name me ONE healthy candy.)


An all ladies night for speakers folks and it was another good one!

Ava continues to surprise everyone with her subject matter.   She seems like a quiet girl but she’s always got an interesting story up her sleeve.  Today she told us a story about a crazy fight she and her brother had where she gave her brother a CUPCAKE in the FACE!  Hilarious!   I’m glad I’m not your brother Ava.  lol  Well done!

Mari really wowed us with a beautifully descriptive speech about her trip to Asia.  Lots of funny in there too.  Way better eye contact AND more engaging!  AWESOME!

And Emily gave us her FIRST speech ever and was it a doozy!  Doesn’t get much more weighty than Shakespeare: To Understand or Not to Understand?  Engaging writing, peppered with humour and great eye contact!  What a way to start!

Special Treat-Speeches from Olivia Schofield!

Head start public speaking for kids, public speaking for kids, public speaking for teens, giving kids confidence, Paula Howley

Olivia and Wodwick

We were lucky enough to watch World Championship of Public Speaking finalist Olivia Schofield‘s speeches tonight- “Leap With Every Bone in Your Body” which had us laughing and thinking and “Wodwick Bear” a deeply personal story about overcoming obstacles so they don’t overcome YOU!

Thanks to Olivia for special permission to show these great speeches to the students of Head Start Public Speaking For Kids!


PAR-TAY TIME FOR GIBSONS NEXT WEEK!  Bring something yummy to share and get ready to party!

Next week’s MC will be AVA!   Woo hoo!  Ava already has our theme and it is WINTER FUN!  Very appropriate!

Speeches next week from:
Simon, Bridget, Nyle, Bella and Iris!

Jonah you are grammarian

Emily our humorist

Mari the quizmaster

Jill the timer and

a few surprises.  🙂
This week’s Ed Session:

Opening and Closing Your Speech!

Four effective ways of beginning your speech are:

1.   A powerful question. “Why” and “How” questions tap into our natural curiousity as humans- give them a try! Another interesting one is “What if…”

Example: “Why do some parents say one thing and do another?”

2.  Audience visualisation: BRING your audience RIGHT into your story by asking them to : “Imagine this:” or “picture this” and describe your scenario!

3.   Power phrases from Patricia Fripp, Hall of Fame Speaker and coach of the champions (these phrases also automatically generate content!)

“I’ll never forget the first time I ……”   this lets your audience knows that you have been where they are now.

“I wish you could have been there…’ the audience knows you are taking them on a nice ride.

4.   The QUOTE: Caution: Be creative! There are some quotes that have been done to death. Do not use them unless you plan on twisting them creatively!   (there is nothing to fear example)

If your audience has not heard your quotes before, your entire message will seem more original.

Finishing Strong

One of the worst things you can do to your great speech is give it a lame ending.

1.  Bookend it!   Here you are going to refer back to your beginning- whether it was a question, quote or challenge.

2.  The Callback! Callbacks are when you refer to something from earlier in your speech and revisit it again. A powerful callback is when you finish a story you left hanging earlier- example: Remember that schoolyard bully? Well, he realized the harm he was doing and now he helps other kids empower themselves against bullies!”

3.  Quotation close!   Same rules as your opening- don’t kill your audience with quotes they’ve heard a million times unless you can switch them up a little! It’s good to play with the words here and change them slightly and cleverly.

4.  Challenge or call to action: Challenge your audience to apply the lesson you have just given!