Head Start Public Speaking For Kids- Persuasion! Week 20 (and Paula’s parents stop by!)



This week we had two special guests with us…. my mom and dad!  The kids were stellar and the parents were seriously

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Here’s Mr. and Mrs. Head Start’s mom checking out the awesomeness in action!

impressed.  My dad commented: “I’ve been to quite a few Toastmasters meetings and those kids were as good as and even better than them!”
Tell us something we don’t know!
This week SIMON was back with the class after a 6 week hiatus and boy was it good to have his refreshing energy with us again!  Simon regaled us with his speech FINALLY! , about him finally getting to go to an NHL game.
We talked about PERSUASION this week- something you really need to think about in speaking.  Because, why else are you up there but to convince people of your point of view?  So how can we best do this?
Here’s Monroe’s Motivated Sequence for Persuading People!
Get your audience’s attention using a detailed story, a shocking example, dramatic statistic, etc.
SHOW how your speech relates to the NEEDS of the AUDIENCE!!! Convince them they they have a personal NEED to take action!
YOU need to solve their issue!  Give specific and real solutions they can use!
Tell the audience WHAT will happen if they DO or DO NOT use your solution!  Be VISUAL and DETAILED.
Tell them what action they can take to solve their own personal problem!


So we will be BACK week after March BREAK!  I’m making a few adjustments to the roster because of the lost week guys so pay attention:
JADAN will be giving us his first speech ever and we are super psyched to hear this young man.  Also, KATE and ANNALISA will have speeches for us!
IRIS is our MC.
Simon is humorist.
Nima, Nadia and Jillian will be speech evaluators.
Jadan, you wanted to be impromptu leader but you also have a speech.  Let me know if this is too much for you.
SJ is our Impromptu Evaluator.
Bella is the quizmaster.
Meaghan is Grammarian.
Nadia is also timer.
Annalisa can also be our Ah counter.
It’s going to be a full meeting so do your due diligence and be prepared!  Speakers, have a good intro to send to your MC, Iris!