Head Start Public Speaking For Kids Gibsons Class 2 Recap! Choosing a Topic

Thursday was a BIG DAY!   We had our first prepared speaker of the year, Iris Cameron!  It is super brave going first so kudos to Iris for stepping up and showing us how it’s done!

Iris told us about her trip to Tofino, one I’m particularly interested in since our family wants to head out there next summer.  I got all kind of ideas from Iris including visiting “Chocolate Tofino”!  Iris has a great sense of humour and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her!

Our partnering/listening exercise gave everyone a chance to speak twice.  Already I’ve seen improvements in everyone!  Way to go guys.  Also, there are no more wimpy handshakes! Woo hoo!

Malcolm was our Impromptu Speaking winner this week. Congratulations!

We also had a guest, Nadia Behji from Sechelt Head Start and it was a great opportunity for our new students to see another seasoned speaker. Nadia gave us a textbook impromptu speech with a definite opening, body, and close.

This week we learned about how to choose a topic for a speech and how to get ideas FOR our topics.


In choosing a topic, there are a lot of things to write about but YOU are the best topic of all! Tell us a little about you and something you really love. You could tell us about your favourite book or movie. Do you have pets? Hobbies? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Trips you have taken are interesting. So are days when everything seemed to go wrong!

Don’t be afraid to share part of your life. People may not share the same experiences, but we ALL share the same emotions. J


Using Iris’ speech as an example, we can see that she decided on her Tofino Trip for her topic.   Next she would write as many things as she could think of that were related to that topic.

Head Start Public Speaking For Kids Paula Howley

Brainstorm ideas for your speech!

Do the same. Write your topic smack in the middle of your paper and write down everything you can think about related to it for 5-10 minutes. (Your topic CAN be a story! For example, the time your Aunt Joan almost fell off a cliff or when your dog had 8 puppies- whatever it is, think about things related to that story.)

Find your most interesting points and use them in your speech. If YOU are excited about them, your audience will be too!

And if you are looking for funny, don’t forget the Three F’s – your failures, your flaws and your firsts! Nothing connects us to an audience like laughter!

Good luck!

Next week our MC is Bridget and she has chosen the theme of Fall Festivities!

We have a prepared speaker and that is JONAH!   Woo hoo! Go Jonah!

Timer- Iris

Grammarian – Ava

Ah Counter – Jillian

Impromptu Leader – Bella

Humorist – Simon

Quizmaster – Malcolm

Mari and Nyle will be back next week and are excellent candidates for Impromptu speeches- however if either wants to do a speech, please contact Bridget and give her an introduction for you!