Head Start Public Speaking For Kids 3- Four Kinds of Speeches / The Hamburger


Our speakers this week were off to a great start!  We had a seasoned prepared speaker with Nadia who told us about her family’s disastrous and hilarious camping trip!  This was by far, Nadia’s best use of humour so far.  You’re becoming more relaxed and you really engaged your audience!  Well done!

Great lesson here folks- disasters are rarely funny when they’re happening, but they are great fodder for your funny stories later!

Our next speaker was Elizabeth with her VERY FIRST speech which was SHOCKING to everyone! Shocking because it was hard to believe it was her first! Elizabeth was obviously having a great time which made it fun for us too.  She used vocal variety by pretending to be another person in dialogue, (awesome!) body language and a lot of humour.  Her descriptions put us right there with her and she had great eye contact too!  You’re one to watch Elizabeth!

Nima was our MC and he had a TON of energy which totally rubbed off on his audience. This is exactly what we’re looking for here folks!  Also, he was very prepared.  Nice to see.

We also got to watch some speeches from the 2014 World Championship of Public Speaking this week, including the Champ, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi !  I see something in ALL of you and I DO know what it is!

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbz2boNSeL0[/youtube]

Noah will be giving us a speech in 2 weeks– looking forward to that Noah! Please call or email if you want any help!

This week’s ED SESSION:

Four kinds of speeches:


Tell us the facts that interest YOU the most and with enthusiasm! If you can work a personal story in there that helps describe your subject, all the better!


Get our attention right away with a strong or funny statement! Keep your story vivid and simple.  Enjoy yourself, use dialogue! Your story should keep moving forward and have a definite ending that doesn’t leave us hanging.


Use EMOTION! Appeal to your audiences’ fears, goals or feelings.  To open your speech, tell us what the situation is.  The body should challenge us to reach for higher goals or values and tell us WHY we should!  Use STORIES if possible!  Your close should be strong and dynamic!


When persuading, you’re likely going to use all 3 of the above techniques. People will buy what you are saying if you connect emotionally, so inspire and use stories, but they will justify it through FACTS so use those too, in an engaging way.  Have vivid imagery, comparisons, and I can’t say this enough: STORIES.  Your closing should be a strong call to ACTION!



To make a speech you need a top bun, (opening)

some MEAT (body)

and a bottom bun (closing).  

Now of course, a plain hamburger is disgusting so we need stuff like pickles, onions, ketchup, cheese, lettuce and other yummy stuff.  These are vocal variety, eye contact, repetition, alliteration, humour, body language.

THIS is what makes a speech delicious and interesting!!!!

Head Start Public Speaking For Kids Teens

Let’s make this DELICIOUS!

Next week we have:

M.C. – Meaghan! (her first time ever!)

Timer – Noah

Ah Counter – Ebba

Quiz Master – Nadia

Grammarian – Lina

Prepared Speech – Sarah Jane

Prepared Speech – Annalisa

Impromptu Leader – Kate

Speaker Evaluator – Elizabeth



We had Bridget MCing our meeting and she was smooth as silk! She was prepared with her introductions and her theme.  Nicely done Bridget- very professional.  As an added bonus, she won the Skittles in the Impromptu contest!

Jonah gave us his FIRST SPEECH and we learned a TON of stuff about the planet Mars. We will also never forget that his second word was “moon”.  That’s pretty hard core Jonah!  Jonah spoke nice and clearly and knew his stuff.  He appears very relaxed which is fantastic.  Can’t wait to hear more from you Jonah!

Mari also gave us HER first speech! Mari showed us some great techniques like repetition and contrast (I really really really wanted a puppy but my dad really really really didn’t want a puppy).  She also used that hamburger technique quite nicely too!

Next week:

MC- Simon

Timer- Jillian

Grammarian – Jonah

Ah Counter – Mari

Quiz Master – Nyle

Impromptu Master – Iris

Prepared Speaker- AVA!!!!

Prepared Speaker – Malcolm!!!

Jillian will evaluate Ava

Mari will evaluate Malcolm

Humorist – Bella!


Just one last thing- if you know you are going to be away, please let us know so that we can fill in your role asap!  Thanks!  See you next week at Head Start Public Speaking For Kids!