My friend and mentor Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking has this mantra: “Stage time, stage time, stage time.”  The more we speak, the better we get. The better we get, the more confident we are.  The more confident we are, the more we seek opportunity rather than just letting things happen.

Head Start’s workshops are an exciting introduction to public speaking.  Kids will get the tools they need to overcome fear, to find their voices and speak with more confidence.

Teachers love our workshops because they really help kids get to know each other on a deeper level, giving them more understanding for each other.  And these workshops are FUN!  Games, challenges and learning who you are and what’s important to you – and then getting a safe space to speak it to the world!  It’s a game changer!

Students will have a ton of fun while improving their presentation skills.  They’ll have so much fun learning impromptu speaking they’ll walk right through their fear!  They’ll learn how to find ideas for, create and structure a presentation. They will learn how to project their voice, and effectively use body language.  There’s also a focus on vocabulary and listening as well as leadership skills.

Students will receive daily feedback on their strengths and positive suggestions on how to improve.

Each student gives a final presentation for parents and friends.

We guarantee that if your child does all of the projects, you WILL see a change in confidence and ability and these things are PRICELESS!

Cedar Grove Elementary School Principal Barry Krangle says:

” We are noticing the effect of your work with our students transitioning in so many other areas right across the curriculum.  Kids have been working on speeches about passion and are so confident presenting their Science Fair projects……so cool…. And we miss you!”  

Cedar Grove Elementary Showcase 2018

Workshop Fees

Workshops are great for school, home school groups and youth groups.  

The 9 week workshop is $2000 per class on the Sunshine Coast and $2700 on the Mainland.  Over 20 students and the quality will be compromised due to time constraints.   

The 13 week workshop is $2700 per class on the Sunshine Coast and $3300 on the Mainland.  

Book 2 or more classes to be taught on the same day and receive a 10% discount!  



This workshop is for families who are serious about upping their speaking and presentation game.  The class maxes out at 14 students to ensure plenty of one on one time.  This course is fun but it requires effort and families and students must sign an agreement that their child will do the work.  All students will work out of the Handbook For Awesomeness workbook and will also receive the newly published Speaking Tips For Kids book.  This class is $900 per student.  Results are GUARANTEED.  You will see transformation.  


Our schedule fills up fast so book now!